Mantra Lite control console
The Mantra is simple – make control of LED fixtures easy and intuitive, while still allowing control of moving lights and conventionals.

Mantra Lite, and the Mantra Expansion Wings combine the ease of use of a fader based console, with the power of a touch screen graphical user interface. The software shows the user what to do next, ensuring a very easy learning curve for even the novice user.

  • Easy to program and setup - even by untrained operators and volunteers.
  • On board context sensitive Help with multiple languages.
  • ‘Animate’ feature - Create complex chasers quickly and easily.
  • Multiple Undo/Redo command.
  • Fixture Template Wizard.
  • Perfect for smaller venues including Public Halls, Schools, Small Theatres, TV & Film.
    Mantra Lite
  • Control of up to 24 individual fixtures - dimmers, LED Pars or moving lights across 512 DMX channels.
  • 24 fixtures faders with Flash buttons.
  • 10 Pages of 10 Playback faders with Flash / Go buttons.
  • 2 master faders - 1 x playback and 1 x fixture master.
  • 100 Cuelists/Chases with a total of up to 1,000 cues.
  • 1 Universe of DMX512-A/RDM on XLR5 pin connector and via Art-Net & sACN on RJ45 connector.
  • Internal universal Power Supply with IEC mains connector.

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  • Mantra Wing
  • 12 additional fixture faders with Flash buttons.
  • 10 pages of 10 more Playback faders with Flash / Go buttons.
  • Dedicated Page & View buttons.
  • XLR5 connector with additional DMX universe with RDM.
  • RGB status LED.
  • Mantra Lite + 1 Wing = 36 fixtures, 20 playbacks, 2 x universes of DMX.
  • Mantra Lite + 2 Wings = 48 fixtures, 30 playbacks & 3 universes of DMX.
  • USB powered from Mantra Lite.

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