Lite Mast

Slick B.V. designs and manufactures an impressive portfolio of trusses and temporary roofing structures. Slick offers a wide range of professional trussing including: Lite Beam, GS Truss, Mini Beam and Maxi Beam. Slick is also the first choice of many industry professionals where custom made products, engineering projects and special roofs are required.

Looking for a tower system? Slick’s Lite Mast, GS, or Nova towers will deliver exactly what you need. The impressive Nova is capable of handling loads up to 4 tonnes.

Trussing - Professional Range
Lite Beam MK II
Lite Box MK II
GS Lite
Mini Beam
GS Truss
Nova Lite
Nova Beam
Maxi Beam
Folding Truss
Super Beam

Tower Systems
Lite Tower
Lite Mast
GS Tower
Nova Tower

Roofing Systems
Lite Stage
Tunnel Stage
Arc Stage
Eagle Stage
Main Stage

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